​Just Say No to Clothes

The human body was never designed 

to be completely wrapped up 

in clothes. You’re better off not 

wearing so much clothing or so 

often. Be clothes free and nothing is 

restricting, sweat unnecessarily, 

it let’s your body breath! Be 

inspired to stand up for love, peace, 

kindness and the naked truth. 

We are all humans and we don’t 

have any worldly possessions to 

hide. Feel the most comfortable 

state & share the nude passion. 

Wolf  – naturally-free 

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This Is What It’s Like To Live Most Of Your Life Naked
People who live a naturist lifestyle bare all


I firmly believe that if you want to experience euphoria sans drugs, all you have to do is take off your bra after a long workday. And post-shower, you can often find me wrestling my freshly-lotioned legs into a pair of jeans, muttering questions like, “Why can’t I just live my life naked?” The thing is, I can…..


Non-sexual Social Nudity

There is nothing offensive in the mind of the Creator

it is all in the corrupted mind of the beholder.


This is my first post, launching the Naturist Story blog which is dedicated to promoting positive naturist values and dispelling the common myths and untruths about non-sexual social nudity.

In my opinion there is nothing offensive about being naked and I feel sorry for those who are offended by nudity because by their action they are openly admitting that their minds are corrupt by thoughts commonly linking unsavory sexual activity with social nudity.

I don’t understand why people find nudity to be offensive, after all we are born naked and as children we are not concerned about being naked. Generally young children prefer to be naked rather than be clothed. It is only our upbringing and the pressures of the society that we live in that make us self conscious and become offended by nudity. The main reason for adults being offended by public nudity is the fact that most people cannot separate sex from nakedness. Generally people cannot understand that being naked is not always linked to sexual activities. Whilst sex is usually associated with nudity, nudity is often not associated to sex.

Nudity in itself is not offensive, it is the lewd sexual connotations that are frequently associated with nudity that make it seem to be offensive. What is so offensive about the human skin that we feel the need to keep part of our bodies covered? Genitals and mammaries are as much an integral part of our human structure as any other part of our bodies so why are they deemed to be offensive if not because of the unsavory sexual connections we perceive in our tainted minds?