Trying to Explain Naturism

To quote one of my followers on Twitter:

Trying to explain nudism is like trying to describe a flavor,

it can be difficult if one hasn’t experienced it.”

I’m sure I don’t need to explain to naturists what naturism is so I will try to put across my views on naturism for an audience who haven’t experienced it. In a nutshell naturism is the earliest fashion known to man. Naturism is simply the fashion of wearing no additional outer body covering but rather being as free of garments as the moment we were born.

Why am I a naturist, well quite simply, to me it feels unnatural and uncomfortable to smoother the body with man-made apparel. We are all born naked and as young children we enjoy being without clothes because we are happy & contented with our bodies and we don’t have any prejudices. As we grow up to become adults we have to be taught to be ashamed of our bodies and we become conditioned to believe that nudity is wrong and offensive. We fall into the mainstream thinking that nudity is synonymous with sex so we end up believing that naturism is sordid and wrong. Unfortunately most people do not question this idea nor do they research into naturism to find out for themselves what it is all about. People probably don’t try to find out about naturism for fear of being ostracized by friends and family for dabbling in such a weird activity.

I believe that the human body is a miracle of Creation and no part is offensive or disgusting. Society often describe naked people as offensive or disgusting because that is the way they have been conditioned to think. If they are questioned and asked to explain what exactly is offensive or disgusting about nudity itself, they cannot come up with any sensible and logical explanation. They will often say, “It just is,” but they can’t explain why. The entire body is made up of skin, flesh and bone formed into different shaped components so how can one body part be offensive while others aren’t? The only difference between different body parts is the shape, so is it the shape that is offensive? These are the short of questions that society cannot answer logically when asked to explain what is so offensive about a naked person. When a sensible discussion does take place about the offensiveness of nudity it usually transpires that the offence results from the unsavory thoughts conjured up in the mind of the person claiming to be offended by the naked body. The offence is created in the mind of the beholder not by the nakedness of the person. I once heard a woman arguing about how offensive the male penis is only to be asked, “If a penis is so offensive why do so many women put them into their mouths?” Needless to say that the conversation ended soon afterwards.

I first regained the appreciation of being naked when I was about 10 years old and as the years have passed I have found more and more opportunities to be naked in my daily life and I am always open and honest with people about my preference to be clothes free. I have found that in most cases people are not bothered about my lifestyle preferences. Some are more curious and ask a variety of questions about the clothes free lifestyle and social nudity. All my family, friends, neighbors and work colleagues know that I prefer to be naked whenever possible and they accept that it is my personal choice. In the same way that they respect my way of life, I also respect theirs so I would not be naked while in the company of someone who would be embarrassed or uncomfortable with nudity. I certainly haven’t found that being a naturist has had any adverse effect on my friendships. I have found that most people are not concerned about nudity providing it is not “in your face” and does not involve sexual activity.

I am most comfortable and relaxed when free of clothing and the ambient temperature is not uncomfortably low. To me being naked is sensible, healthy and natural so that is my preferred state, dressing only when necessary to comply with the pressures of society or to combat uncomfortably cold temperatures.

God creates new born naturists every day,

Sinners create clothes to hide God’s creations.

Naturism On Retirement

When I retired at the end of 2017 I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do to keep myself occupied during the coming days but I was considering doing some voluntary work a few days a week.

As the British summer approached and the days became longer, the ambient temperatures began to increase and I came to the realisation that wearing clothes at home was really not necessary. I soon discovered that the early morning temperatures were high enough to make clothing unnecessary and as my wife is also a naturist I simply didn’t bother to get dressed during the day unless I had to go out into public spaces. After my morning coffee I’d slip on a tracksuit and take our dog out for his morning walk along the pathway alongside the fields near our house. Upon our return the tracksuit would come off for the remainder of the day until we went out for our evening walk at about 8pm. I have been clothed free for the most part of every day from the middle of June, right through the summer into August. I have spent so much time naked that it now feels awkward and uncomfortable to wear clothes even for a short time while going shopping or doing volunteer work. There have been a number of times when I have almost walked out of the front door without clothes on but fortunately it hasn’t actually happened yet. This year it has been a long naked summer which has been just perfect for me. Autumn and winter are now approaching therefore warm clothing will become increasingly essential wear day and night although when the central heating is on at night I might get a few naked nights.


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Nudism is a strange thing for a lot of people; some people would even find it disgusting to think about not wearing clothes for extended periods of time. But for others, it’s a very real way of life and philosophy; nudism is not completely about being naked one hundred percent of the time, but it is about being comfortable in your own skin, not hiding who you really are, and accepting others at face value. Nudism is not about being sexual, just about being natural. There are many advantages to nudism, and the journey to becoming one is all about self-discovery.

Most people are introduced to nudism through conversation at first. Talking about it puts the idea in their mind, and as Leonardo Dicaprio said in “Inception,” an idea is the “most resilient parasite.” Thinking about nudism, for some people, could make you curious, and with all new things, you’ll start small. Perhaps one would take longer to get dressed after a shower, or sleep in the buff; another option is waiting for an opportunity when you have your home to yourself, and taking your clothes off during that time period. But however you try it for yourself, many people realize that nude is a very comfortable way to be.

There are many different levels of nudism, just like there are different levels of comfort for certain people. First, there are closet nudists, people who may not even realize or consider themselves nudists, but enjoy being nude when they’re by themselves; these people haven’t told anyone of their habits either. Second, there are home nudists, who enjoy spending their time at home in the nude; these people may or may not also enjoy social nudism, which is being nude around other people, who may also be nude. Lastly, there are the more commonly known nudists that people tend to think about when they hear the word. These nudists are open and comfortable with their nudism and will share it with whoever is willing to accept it. They are also the people who frequent the nude beaches and resorts.

Nudism has a very long history; Biblically speaking, all the way back to the Garden of Eden. God created man in His own image, and Adam and Eve spent the first days of humankind in the nude, walking and talking with their creator. It wasn’t until the fall of man introduced sin, and therefore shame, into the world, that man felt he needed to cover the shame of his sin. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt, namely Akhen-Aton (from 1385-1353 BC), his wife, Nefertiti, and his whole court, practiced nudism as tribute to the sun god. Later on, in ancient Greece, the athletes and Olympians of the day all practiced their sports nude.; in fact, the word “gymnasium,” when translated literally means “a place to train naked.” (The root word “gymnos” means “naked.”) This does not mean just their sports however, it also includes music, education, and philosophy; and one of the greatest philosophers, Socrates, promoted nudity as a form of honesty.

It is important not to forget that nudists are real people, and not only that, they can be anybody: your high school math teacher, postal delivery person, or even the babysitter who lives down the road. Some more famous nudists include Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, and more modernly, Johnny Depp, Kevin Bacon, Bruce Willis, Kelly Clarkson, Amy Grant, Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson, Zoe Saldana, and even the late Fred Rogers. Anybody can be a nudist, and they all have different personalities as well. One nudist may invite a new friend over, and open the door completely naked, knowing that their friends will soon find out about their habit; another may know that not everyone is comfortable with nudity, and put a robe or shorts on to receive a pizza delivery.

The current laws in most places dictate than you must wear clothing in public. This is the case in the United States with some exceptions. While most states can penalize you public indecency for exposure of your genitals or even the female breasts, the state of New York (as well a few smaller cities in other states) has adopted “topless equality” laws, allowing women to be legally top-free anywhere men are able. Other states, such as Oregon or Vermont, have decency laws that allow for nudity, but not sexual activity. Topless equality laws are also more common in many European countries.

Like all social groups and communities there is certain etiquette to being involved in such groups. While being nude does expose your genitals to other people who are going to see them, it is considered impolite to gawk or stare. As a male, the biggest problem might be considered an erection; while some believe that an erection is just as natural as nudity itself, the majority would advise you to cover it so as not to offend anyone. Nudism is not about being sexual, just about being natural, and an erection can be considered sexual.

In addition to etiquette, there are certain hygiene issues to take into account. In addition to the normal showering regularly, brushing your teeth, etc, you have to consider things that might be touched while nude, such as furniture. It is perfectly ok to sit on a chair or couch while nude, but in order to not dirty the furniture, you should always sit on a towel. For this reason, many nudists will keep their own towels with them when they go somewhere.

Socially, nudists are just like any other person. They enjoying going to the beach, or to house parties, and have to do all the same things other people do like working and shopping. Nudists socialize with other nudists, or with textiles (that is, non-nudists), and that’s usually how textiles learn of nudism. A nudist won’t force his ideals onto you, but he will share his experience, and will encourage you to give it a shot. (Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.) This is how textiles become nudists; they try nudism, and discover that they like it in many cases. This is how many nudist families get started, by one partner being raised nudist, and then introducing it their spouse, usually long before the wedding.

Nudist families are another part of social nudity, and have several advantages. For instance, young children growing up a nude family are easier to potty-train, because they see they aren’t supposed to be wearing a diaper, and that other people go to the bathroom to do their business. Another example is that children raised in a nude home have a better self-image and body acceptance, because they’re around nudity all the time. And finally teenagers from nudist homes are less likely to rebel due to the atmosphere of openness that nudity has created; instead of getting in trouble with sex and drugs, they’ll ask questions and speak what’s on their mind.

Weather is another aspect that affects nudism. One of the most common questions asked is, “What if you get cold?” The answer is simpler than you think. You don’t have to get dressed, though that certainly is an option. But the solution looked to by nudists it usually a blanket. If you get cold either at night or just the weather in general, wrap yourself in a blanket, or even add an extra one to your bed. And if you’re comfortable with the people you’re with, sharing body heat is proven to be the best way to stay warm.

There are nudist clubs, beaches, and resorts all over the United States, and the World. They can be easily found using Google or internet search engine. If you’re reading this, and are intrigued, you don’t have to visit a nude beach. All you have to do is disrobe by yourself and then do whatever you might normally do. Nobody even has to see you your first time. Give it a try; you might like it.

Confidence and The Fashion Industry?

False people

The humorous card above set me thinking about the quantity of artificial items which we use to supposedly improve our bodies and our appearance. The media in all its forms are riddled with advertisements telling people how to lose weight, remove wrinkles, lengthen eyelashes, change hair colour, contour curves, and the list goes on and on. Mankind is the only animal which is terrified of the sight of its own skin, yet we are supposed to be civilised.

The fashion industry is putting more pressure on people to doubt the acceptability of their own bodies. The fashion and cosmetics industries rely solely on convincing people to doubt themselves and the image they project. Historically women were targeted and persuaded that they should use artificial products to appear more natural but in recent years men are also being brainwashed into paying vast sums of money in their attempts to look better. The irony is that the vast majority of women in the western world have been brainwashed by the false advertising to such an extent that they now actually believe that expensive artificial products actually make them appear more natural and attractive. The only people who see greater beauty in artificially altered bodies and body features are those who are themselves brainwashed by the false society we live in. Imagine how quickly the fashion and cosmetics industries would collapse if huge numbers of people began naturally accepting their bodies and began experiencing greater body confidence. Once people have confidence in themselves they no longer have a need for artificial adornments to suppress their perceived inadequacies.

The fashion and cosmetics industries must, by the nature of their products, constantly undermine the self confidence of society and convince people that they are imperfect. If more people would actually stop to consider how they are being coerced into spending vast amounts of time and money on unnecessary artificial products to make themselves appear unrealistically different from their own natural state, they would begin to realise what all naturists/nudists already understand.

People who prefer to be clothes free and just be themselves without artificial additives have realised that humans cannot improve on perfection. The human body in all its varying shapes, sizes and colours is a miracle of Creation which cannot be improved upon. The skin is designed to breathe and thermoregulate through direct contact with the surrounding atmosphere.  Artificial clothing and cosmetics suffocate the skin and prevent it from functioning efficiently. Clothing prevents the free flow of fresh air around the body thus creating a breeding ground for unhealthy germs and infections.