Trying to Explain Naturism

To quote one of my followers on Twitter:

Trying to explain nudism is like trying to describe a flavor,

it can be difficult if one hasn’t experienced it.”

I’m sure I don’t need to explain to naturists what naturism is so I will try to put across my views on naturism for an audience who haven’t experienced it. In a nutshell naturism is the earliest fashion known to man. Naturism is simply the fashion of wearing no additional outer body covering but rather being as free of garments as the moment we were born.

Why am I a naturist, well quite simply, to me it feels unnatural and uncomfortable to smoother the body with man-made apparel. We are all born naked and as young children we enjoy being without clothes because we are happy & contented with our bodies and we don’t have any prejudices. As we grow up to become adults we have to be taught to be ashamed of our bodies and we become conditioned to believe that nudity is wrong and offensive. We fall into the mainstream thinking that nudity is synonymous with sex so we end up believing that naturism is sordid and wrong. Unfortunately most people do not question this idea nor do they research into naturism to find out for themselves what it is all about. People probably don’t try to find out about naturism for fear of being ostracized by friends and family for dabbling in such a weird activity.

I believe that the human body is a miracle of Creation and no part is offensive or disgusting. Society often describe naked people as offensive or disgusting because that is the way they have been conditioned to think. If they are questioned and asked to explain what exactly is offensive or disgusting about nudity itself, they cannot come up with any sensible and logical explanation. They will often say, “It just is,” but they can’t explain why. The entire body is made up of skin, flesh and bone formed into different shaped components so how can one body part be offensive while others aren’t? The only difference between different body parts is the shape, so is it the shape that is offensive? These are the short of questions that society cannot answer logically when asked to explain what is so offensive about a naked person. When a sensible discussion does take place about the offensiveness of nudity it usually transpires that the offence results from the unsavory thoughts conjured up in the mind of the person claiming to be offended by the naked body. The offence is created in the mind of the beholder not by the nakedness of the person. I once heard a woman arguing about how offensive the male penis is only to be asked, “If a penis is so offensive why do so many women put them into their mouths?” Needless to say that the conversation ended soon afterwards.

I first regained the appreciation of being naked when I was about 10 years old and as the years have passed I have found more and more opportunities to be naked in my daily life and I am always open and honest with people about my preference to be clothes free. I have found that in most cases people are not bothered about my lifestyle preferences. Some are more curious and ask a variety of questions about the clothes free lifestyle and social nudity. All my family, friends, neighbors and work colleagues know that I prefer to be naked whenever possible and they accept that it is my personal choice. In the same way that they respect my way of life, I also respect theirs so I would not be naked while in the company of someone who would be embarrassed or uncomfortable with nudity. I certainly haven’t found that being a naturist has had any adverse effect on my friendships. I have found that most people are not concerned about nudity providing it is not “in your face” and does not involve sexual activity.

I am most comfortable and relaxed when free of clothing and the ambient temperature is not uncomfortably low. To me being naked is sensible, healthy and natural so that is my preferred state, dressing only when necessary to comply with the pressures of society or to combat uncomfortably cold temperatures.

God creates new born naturists every day,

Sinners create clothes to hide God’s creations.

3 thoughts on “Trying to Explain Naturism

  1. This sentence is a bit unclear; you might want to reword it, if editing is an option:

    “Unfortunately most people do not question this idea not do they research into naturism to do find out for themselves what it is all about.”

    I’m guessing “not” shb “nor”, and the “do” (before the word “find”) sb deleted. Possibly autocorrect errors?


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